Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cookbook Review

I'm discovering something about this cookbook. I like my cooking better. Well, there it is, it can't be helped. I am determined to soldier on, trying recipe after recipe in search of the few gems that will find a permanent place in our family favorites.

Biscuit-topped Hearty Steak Pie

Cubed, fried steak
Baby carrots
Peas and pearl onions
Brown gravy
Refrigerated biscuits

One of our family's favorite veggie products are the vegetable steaks I used to create this recipe. They come in a can, and WE like them, anyway! I couldn't use store-bought brown gravy because of its beefiness, but I made my own out of butter, flour, George Washington Broth mix, and a little Vegex (it's a vegetarian thing made of really, REALLY modified brewers' yeast). And a little water. Because otherwise it would be a little thick.

As I was sampling the dish at the end, I thought how good it would be with potatoes and I couldn't believe they didn't put any in. Never mind, *I* would put some in next time. Then I re-read the recipe and saw that it did call for them and I forgot to put them in. Oooops!

Finally, a gem in all the dross. This dish was a pretty big success. My dad didn't effuse over it, but he seldom does anyway--you have to look for subtler signs. Like taking seconds or warming it up the next day for leftovers. I even made a big pan this weekend for potluck, and then ended up staying home because I felt a little sick. But that pan still got cleaned up, and I'm looking forward to making it again since it still hasn't gotten to church.

Peach-cranberry Cobbler with Corn Bread Biscuits

Frozen peaches
Orange juice
Brown sugar

If the people who produced this cookbook made the food as yummy as the names sound, it would be a whole lot better. One thing I've noticed is that none of the deserts have been sweetened enough. Or maybe we just have super tart food here in the frozen northland.

Making the cobbler was pretty straightforward. No substitution except for allspice, since we didn't have any. I was in a big hurry, so I wasn't super careful with some of the measurements. That might be why the cobbler topping was so bleh, but I don't think so.

A forgettable dish, but one that would be tasty if made, well, differently. The peach-cranberry combination was interesting, but it would need a lot more sugar and a better topping to be anything approaching tempting. As it was, once again I was left finishing it off. And I've been wondering why I've been gaining weight...

Editor's Note: There is no picture with this blog. My dear elder sister, who has been so kind to loan me her camera for my food photography, has lost the digital file. I know, I know, but we must make allowances for the ol' girl....she's not as young as she used to be.

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