Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Have More Cuteness Than You....

Be jealous, people, be jealous.

This evening I picked up two more residents for my kitty half-way house. They are the latest half-siblings of Snickers, Hobbes, and Lazarus Boopsie; yes, their mother managed to cram one more litter in before winter. As a result of being cold-weather babies as opposed to spring or summer litters, these babies are so fuzzy they look like polar bears.

I had cute kittens before I saw these guys. At least, I thought they were cute, but now they are not cute. Their sleek little faces now seem skimpy and spare, and their coats moth-eaten and plain. Poor sweet babies! It's hard to compete with the Shirley Temple of the feline world.

They are taming fast, though they are finding it a little intimidating to go from privileged princesses to one of the teeming masses. Especially the calico; she hides under things and spits at any kitten that pokes its inquiring nose nearby. Soon all six of them will be leaving to go to their new homes (or at least a number that approaches 6). For anyone who might be interested in such wonderful cuteness, I am planning to take them around the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, so you have until then to make up your minds.

What am I? Chopped liver!?!


  1. Awwwww, they're so cute!

    Four of my five grandcats (strays my kids rescued) live with me, in addition to my two elderly kitties, Rachel and Leah. (My other grandcat lives with my daughter in Chicago. ) If any more strays show up here, I'm gonna have to think about getting me one of those Ikea crazy cat lady organizers....