Monday, November 7, 2011

Sibling Revelry

It's so hard to take pictures of my little kitties because every time I crouch down to get the shot, they think it's time to eat and come rushing toward me. So my wild kitten photography often consists of blurry head shots. The other day though, the little orange baby was perched on top of the rocking chair and couldn't make the usual rush because he was too busy keeping his balance. Perfect. I began the stalk.

I had the shot. The baby was looking my way, the light was good, the colors harmonious. I pressed down on the shutter.


Someone has developed a galloping case of sibling rivalry lately. He devotes himself to all kinds of coy behaviors he never used to do, all in a desperate attempt to regain his status as primary feline deity of the home. Tough tiddly, Hobbes, there are cuter paws than yours afoot!

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