Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One of My Many Vices

I don't think I have a problem. True, it would be a problem if I couldn't control it, and yeah, maybe some people can't. But I can, so it's not a problem. And if I happen to stop by certain, shall we say, "establishments" every time I go to town, well, that's just a coincidence. I know how to manage my thrift store usage.

Yesterday my mom and I headed into town, and of course, I stopped off at our local supplier....I mean thrift shop. I don't post every single thrift run on here, because then there wouldn't be room for anything else, but this was a pretty good haul---too good to keep to myself.

For the grand total of $7, I got 3 very nice sauce/frying pans, a plastic tray suitable to take to potluck (I don't like to take my glass ones because I am so careless), 4 place mats, a wicker picnic basket, a glass casserole (I'm trying to pick up smaller dishes since my family size is dwindling), two small glass bowls (which I didn't have the heart to tell the lady they were for cat dishes when she complemented them), and a fascinating little something-or-other.

I picked it up to try to figure out what it was. Some kind of really odd luminary? Then I started opening it and discovered it is an ingenious candy dish. Had to have it----so clever.

Did I mention my very nice sauce pans?

Tomorrow I get to go to Williston and visit the "establishments" there! So much treasure, so little time.

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