Thursday, December 13, 2012

Checking It Twice

I'm so excited! Today I get to go to town. My van has been having grave problems, and I've been forbidden by the powers that be (the ones that would have to tow me if I broke down) to drive it more than into Westby and back. Now, Westby is great and all, but it doesn't quite do it for someone as urbane and cosmopolitan as myself---sometimes I need to break loose and go to Plentywood. Thankfully, today I can hitch a ride with my sister (who has no idea what she's getting into).

After such a long drouth of town shopping, I have quite a little list built up of errands I need to run. And since I can't just run back if I forget something, it's important that I get everything down on the list that I need.

Let's review, shall we?

Tina's To-do List:

Buy water: The water out here isn't very tasty, besides which my well hasn't been tested lately, so I don't care to drink from it. I get all my water from the machine in Plentywood, hauling it home in two big, blue plastic water jugs.

Return library books: I'm pretty sure that after 5 months the library is ready for their book back. And I still haven't even read it!

Pick up Angel Tree tag: Getting the Angel Tree gifts has been one of my favorite---and longest-running---Christmas traditions. I began doing it because I wanted to give the kids an opportunity to discover how good it feels to give something back. THAT didn't go so well, so for years I've snuck off by myself and indulged in an afternoon of buying for a needy child. Who, if not grateful for my gifts, will still be ungrateful far away from me!

Canning jars: These I need for a special Christmas cooking project, but I need to find straight-sided jelly jars or it won't work. So far Walmart, the grocery store, and the local hardware have all been busts, so if the Plentywood hardware doesn't have it, I'll be forced to make another Amazon order. Noooooooooooo!

Ornament hooks: Under my tree is littered with a rubble of hookless ornaments, cruelly torn from their cozy branches by marauding felines. The hooks are somewhere on the tree, but I have better ways to spend my December than searching for needles in a tree-stack.

Blackberries: I need some for my Little House blog, and I fully expect to pay an arm and a leg for them. I may have to go with frozen ones if they don't have fresh. I wish Walmart weren't an hour away.

An old book: Sunday is my annual children's ornament exchange party. Tradition requires that we make an ornament craft, and the old book is needed for the craft. Thrift store, here I come!

Refreshments for the party: Keeping it low-sugar, I'm planning for fresh fruit kabobs (with the points taken off---this is a children's party, after all!), a vegetable platter made to look like a Christmas tree, and some delicious popcorn made on the stove. 

Deposit my checks: I've been working all week so I could spend it today. Good-bye, happy little dollars. It's been nice knowing you....

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