Monday, August 29, 2011

The Adventures of Magnificent Hobbes

A sampling of a typical day's to-do list when you are a rocking fierce tiger.

#1. Bravely intimidate the fierce cat-killer Finley the Kid. I don't think we'll be having any more problems with THAT character!

#2. Whew! That was hard work. Time for a snack and more practice on eating my solid foods. Got to keep up my mad tiger skills!

#3. Nap time! Everyone knows rest is essential for maintaining that chic tiger glow. And we can't nap just anywhere....tigers must nap in stealthy places. No one will find me here...

#4. After naps, it's time for, well, never mind what it's time for. Does this litter box bring out the blue in my eyes?

#5. Make sure to try to eat Brother's swollen eye out. It looks like a titty and he doesn't need two eyes, anyway. (He really did this.) Apologize to brother when Mom makes me.

#6. It's been a long day. Better hit the snooze button again. Big Brother makes a nice blanket.

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