Monday, August 22, 2011

A Dream Fulfilled

Ok, it wasn't a very big dream, and turned out to be more than a little swampy as dreams go, but last evening I achieved my summer goal of walking across the flooded place down the road from my house. Laura and I have played there a couple of times, but never went all the way across...until now.

Devon was with us, since the reason we were there was to do an installment of my Little House on the Prairie blog and he was "helping" out with that. He and Laura started in with much splashing and enthusiasm, especially Devon because he was covered in mud.

Soon the enthusiasm gave way to exclamations of horror and shrieks of disgust as we moved farther along the flooded roadway. But only from Laura; Devon thought it was wonderful (but then, he's part swamp monster anyway).Turns out this was one summer goal that would have been better done earlier in the summer before the aquatic greenery had quite such a chance to flourish! If you want to know what it was like, picture the scene from "Finding Nemo" where they get the fish tank dirty as part of their escape attempt. Then picture wading through it. At least ONE of us had water shoes....ME! Devon and Laura tried swimming to keep above the slime, but even that wasn't enough.

At long last, we reached the other side. Amid triumphant dances and victory leaps there loomed the uneasy realization that we had to do it all over again to get back to the van! Tempting as it was to find another route around, the shortest path between two points is a straight line, and back we went.

By this time Devon was shivering because the poor little string bean has 0% body fat, and nobody felt much like keeping on with the swampy frolicking. But we had fun doing it, and we can have the smug satisfaction of being one of the few, if not the only ones, who have. Not much glory goes with that accomplishment, but I'll take what distinction I can find!

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