Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Caleb's Birthday Photo Shoot

I told him not to bleach his hair until after I did his 14th birthday portraits, I really did. But then they had to evacuate, he ended up in Bismark, and half the summer went by before I got him for another visit. It was just too long to wait, I guess, when you're young and impetuous. That small regret aside, the photo shoot turned out well, and I had a great time working in our little town of Westby. Not to mention my maternal pride at what a handsome young man Caleb is turning into!

Caleb broods well, in part because without his glasses he can't see anything far away so he is always squinting. Add to that a sunny day, and here comes the smolder. Whatever works. Now you know all those sexy male models are blind as bats.

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