Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adventures of Random Bear

Who is Random Bear? I'm glad you asked. Friday, as we were heading out of town, Laura and I stopped off at the thrift store. They always have free stuffed animals in the box outside the door and I like to check it out when I'm there. (I've gotten a few items for the VBS store that way, but don't tell anyone!) This time there was a rather appearance-challenged vintage toy bear. I'm a sucker for anything vintage and grabbed it out.

"What are you gonna use THAT for?" Laura curled her lip in distaste. "It's UGLY."

"Why, I'll use it for pictures. In fact, when I do your 16th birthday portraits, this bear will be in all of them, too. Won't that be cute?"

Laura did not think that would be cute.

But that gave me a great idea. "In fact, I think I will name him Random Bear and take with me everywhere and take random pictures of him. Won't that be fun?"

Laura did not think that would be fun.

Too late. You can't stop an idea whose moment has come. It was time for Random Bear to find his destiny, starting with our trip to Glendive.

Random Bear played at the park.

He rode on a train.

And narrowly escaped being cannibalized.

Soon, Random Bear became cool. Trendy even. "Mom, take my picture at the lake with Random Bear. Take a picture of me drinking hot chocolate with Random Bear."

Random Bear visited Makoshika State Park, a park where you can still find fossils lying about if you're lucky.

If you're very quiet and venture deep into the park, you can still find the occasional dinosaur lurking.

Random Bear found that so terrifying that he felt the need for heavier artillery.

When that proved insufficient to give him peace of mind, he decided to head elsewhere. There's no telling where he'll show up next.

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