Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sundays? Yeah, right! Do they even make those anymore? It reminds me of an Andy Griffith episode where Andy, Barney, and Aunt Bea were lamenting how no one took the time anymore to be neighborly and to relax on Sundays. So they spent all Sunday afternoon getting hot and sweaty running around trying to fix up the uniforms, instruments, and band stand so they could have a Sunday concert. The episode ends with them discovering that in working so hard at relaxation they had no time left to relax.

That is so me. In my 30's I am finally starting to realize that there will never come a time when the work will be done! I have to relax anyway or I will reach my twilight years and realize that I spent my entire life working so I could relax, and now there is no more time left to do it in. Funny lead in for a post about all the work I did last Sunday, but, hey, I sat and painted on my paint-by-number some, too!

So anyway, last weekend I decided it was time to paint the kitchen floor. It has been the bane of my existence for quite some time because it only had white primer on it, and let me tell you, white floors and the country don't mix. I hadn't wanted to spend money on paint for it because I intend to put linoleum down someday, but who knows when that will be. In the meantime, I got tired of mud-brown floors that had to be scrubbed by hand constantly or they looked terrible. I hated scrubbing the floors, so they spent a great deal of time looking terrible.

I began the project by shaving my floors---at least that's what it seemed like after moving the stove and fridge to discover several dogs' worth of fur collected under there! I'm SO getting a Mexican Hairless next time.

  Oh, yeah, baby! 

Saturday night we shut all the cats away while I put on the first coat. It didn't take quite forever as Caleb predicted, but pretty close by the time it was dry enough to release the beasts without risking little brown paw prints all over the house. As it was, I did get one set to remember my rotund orange tabby by.

Sunday morning I quickly put on the final coat so it could dry before our pastor came for a visit. As long as I had the kitchen all disarranged, I took the opportunity to get our California kitchen table out of storage and put up, oh, almost 2 years later. The pastor and Caleb helped assemble it in my beautiful(ish) kitchen. OK, beautiful might be a bit of a stretch, but much improved is certainly true.

That left me with an extra table, so Caleb and I moved the junker couch outside and put the table in its place. The couch was too heavy to wrestle into the barn, but everyone needs a yard couch, don't they? Its color is very complimentary with the dry grass, and the view is spectacular!

The sunset from our yard couch

Meanwhile, our power had been off all afternoon. The power company was duly notified, but it was getting towards dark with no sign of progress, so my knights-in-shining armor came galloping up in their pickup trucks. My dad and brother-in-law, Jack,  brought out Jack's powerful work generator--guaranteed to light up your life! They labored over it, setting up the jacks, fiddling with the lights, getting everything ready for use before dark.

Just as the sun slipped below the horizon and dusk spread across the land---twing---my power came back on again. Then they got to reverse the process and ride away, towing the generator behind them. But I still appreciated all their effort.

While I laughed at them.

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