Friday, March 2, 2012

Live Life Like a Border Collie!

Yesterday my mom, Caleb, and I went to Minot to visit Laura at her school. We were taking Anika, my little black dog, on somewhat of a farewell visit, since she will have to be put to sleep soon. She has bladder issues and is incontinent a good share of the time. Somehow, I'm not really sure how, we ended up with Finley and Jackie along, too. So we had the 6 of us crammed into a van that was only going to get more crowded after my mom's and my monthly trip to Walmart.

You may not think that 3 people and 3 medium size dogs could fill a large van, but then you haven't met Jackie. She is typical of her breed and very, VERY dedicated to her work. Which happens to be getting toys thrown for her and herding cars.

She doesn't herd cars on foot, no, she's much too smart for that. She waits until she gets a ride, then spends the entire time staring fixedly out the window...watching, waiting. When a vehicle comes, particularly a semi, she lunges at it and smashes her nose against the glass. Every. Single. Time.





Once in a while, when it's been quiet for a while and you've forgotten that she's there, she'll let rip with a shrill yip right in your ear.




It was a long day. One pouty Springer Spaniel, mad because I wouldn't let him ride on my lap, one incontinent dog that has to pee every 15 minutes, and one psychotic border collie. Sounds like a great road trip to me.

We started back right as it began to get dark. Snow had been falling off and on ever since we got to Minot, and roads which had been wet with snow quickly froze and became icy. Add to that snow that was still falling and a brisk wind to stir the snow on the ground and you had some tiring driving conditions. The trip took an hour and 15 minutes longer than usual because I had to drive so slowly. We were all exhausted.

Except Jackie. She may have been exhausted, but no mere fatigue could swerve her from her chosen path of duty. The whole way home there were border collie ears silhouetted in the rear view mirror. The other dogs slept, but not her. The roads were almost deserted because of the storm and cars were few and far between, but it mattered not. Should one come, it would find her ready.



I have recently taken "Live life like a Border Collie" as my personal motto, and last night only served to highlight how inspirational one psychotic canine can be. The Bible says to watch because our Master will come in an hour we're not expecting Him. If it were Jackie in question, I can guarantee that she would be found faithful.

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