Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Blessed Reprieve

What a relief! I was able to get all of my appointments completed in one day. No tedious, repetitious trips sucking the life out of my schedule like a giant brain-eating slug. As you can tell, I wasn't looking forward to my week. And God worked it out so I had the fun of a trip to Williston and the rest of my week free besides. Sometimes it's easier to see the "all things work together for good" than others.

While between appointments I was able to frolic amongst the thrift stores and downtown shops to my heart's content. I got a few nice things at the thrift shops, but the pinnacle of my shoppiness happened at J.C. Penney's. The Williston Penney's is a nice store, but on the small side. So when they need to change stock, the old merchandise gets clearanced HARD. I don't even shop at Walmart because it's too expensive, but I like to duck in Penney's at change-of-season and see what they have to get rid of.

Yesterday was a good day to go. Oh, yeah. They had a whole rack of women's clothes for $2 each. I loaded up, getting some things for me and some things for Christmas next year. See, the beauty of that is that by next Christmas the clothes won't be the rejects that nobody else will take. No, they will be hard-to-find and exclusive fashion because they won't be in any of the shops anymore.

I got $398 worth of clothes and I only spent $26. The funny thing was, at my appointment just afterward, one of the questions was, "Do you feel guilty about your last purchase for yourself?" Uh, NO WAY! How about "flushed with a sense of triumph and pleasure"!

This morning I tried taking some pictures of my loot to post (with little black squares hiding the identity of the gift items), but it turns out that even kitty princesses can't resist a good fashion bargain. Ceecee was obsessed with all the silky fabrics, buttons, and little clearance tags---the girl has good instincts.

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