Friday, February 10, 2012

The Dream List

The Bible says, "Where there is no vision the people perish." While that verse may be largely referring to prophetic vision, it is nevertheless true that a person without goals and hope is one very lost and depressed human. Our family has recently started a Dream List, which is nothing fancier than some poster board tacked on the fridge. On it we are collecting the things we dream of doing someday.

We haven't added very many dreams yet, but one of them, added by Caleb, is "THE FORTY-MILE BIKE RIDE". He has a dream of riding his bike from our house to Westby, from Westby to Grenora, and from Grenora home again. All. In. One. Day. This will require a certain amount of training, so we have commenced a rigorous program that pushes me to my limits. Of course, it's early days yet, so my limits are pretty much the end of the driveway and back, but that will change, I'm sure. I think. I hope.

It being still winter of a sort, there are no sporty little biking shorts and tight, muscle-bulging shirts. But I think we rock our outfits. Allow me to show you what the well-dressed winter biker is wearing this season.

One of the great things about high fashion this year is that there are so many options in accessorizing. Our male model is wearing one of our most popular options for avoiding unsightly body-part loss---the face mask. Elegantly simple and simply elegant. Add a pair of sunglasses and a winter coat and you are ready to stun.

Our female model puts the Fab into February with a sizzling ensemble of coordinating separates. A red hat, rose-colored fleece scarf, and blue jacket will cheer even the gloomiest day. To add that sporty touch, her pants are tucked into brown and green socks. Completing the look, she wears our favorite haute couture mittens.

Who wouldn't want a pair of these? Wow them with your style, and in a pinch, they can be used for emergency puppets. Incredible!

I'm not actually sure that I'll be able to complete the 40 mile bike ride myself---even if I get in good enough shape, I have reached the age where I start to talk about bad joints and old injuries. I don't think my knees will hold up to that much activity in one day, but I really want to do the best I can and where my aging strength leaves off, still support Caleb in pursuing his dreams.

Besides, there's really not much better than breathing in the open air and watching a sunset over the handles of your bike. Except maybe doing it in the summer when the temperature is above freezing.

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