Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Ninja Ghost Cat and the Fresh Snowfall

This morning I woke up to two things: fresh snow and a fresh cold. I'm only excited about one of them. There's been such a famine of snow this year that any is exciting and this was (sad, but true) one of the heaviest this season. Snuffly nose notwithstanding, I grabbed my gloves and camera and headed outside.

Finley was super excited because, while he loves the outdoors, he loves it better if I'm with him. Typical male, he runs off and does his own thing once I'm out there, but he wants to be able to see me if he looks for me. Anika was already out and ready to come in and warm her paws, but when she saw we were headed out, she turned around and came with us.

The snow was piled up, fluffy and white, on every horizontal surface. It looked like I'd been transported to the South at the height of cotton season. Only quite a bit colder.

I wandered about, happily snapping photos, unaware that my steps were shadowed by an unseen presence.

Actually, I could see him, but didn't want to crush his fragile spirit by telling him so. It was Super Ninja Ghost cat! It's hard on him, being a white cat in a land of browns and greens. But when it snows, Snickers comes into his own. At last he can lead the life of super-cool invisibility he's always wanted.

I've been spotted!

If I hold still, they can't see me.


Awwwwww, Mom! You weren't supposed to find me.....

Can YOU find Super Ninja Ghost Cat?


  1. Beautiful photographs, Tina.

  2. Thank you! I actually took the time to edit some of these, because the snow came out looking blue-gray and drab. Once I did one, it made the others look bad, so I ended up editing most of them.