Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making My Own Snopes

Have you ever seen photos of impossibly large dogs? We were just looking at one on Facebook the other day. My mom thought it was photoshopped, but I thought it was just the perspective of the camera. She looked it up on Snopes, and found that, yes, indeed, it was a forced perspective. The human in the photo is farther from the lens of the camera, exaggerating the already grandiose size of the dog. Snopes had a link to some other pictures of huge dogs using the same fools-the-eye technique.

I decided to have my own fun and see how big I could make Finley, the English Springer Spaniel. I could already picture the headlines...."World's Largest Springer Spaniel Discovered in North Dakota!" Of course, Finley is no Newfoundland, so the effect isn't as grand, but it still shows how perspective can change everything.

Of course nothing would do but for Jackie, the Beautiful Border Collie to get in on the action. From World's Largest Border Collie....

To World's Smallest Miniature Border Collie.

All within the space of 2 minutes. Perspective is a fun toy, isn't it......

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